Thursday, 26 April 2018

Reflection as part of: Where to Next?

While it is the holidays, like most teachers:' part of this time is spent evaluating teaching and learning that has occurred across the previous term, to plan effectively for that which is before us.This (I am sure for others) is a great reflective and effective practise, that open our eyes to what we have done and the responses of  those we teach.  It however, also as a friend and colleague has often  told me drives us to both contemplate and generate next steps.  In this I also consider the thoughts and actions of others.   I believe a lot of this information comes from our own profession and I hope that somehow through the jumble of my own thoughts - in clarifying these ideas, it may in fact support the thinking of others.  To this then, I  would welcome feedback and questions.

Having just completed the evaluation for writing for term 1, looking at both the testing data
(e asTTle), and assessment data based on formative observations of students work, noticing and listening to their work and to my feedback be that in a 1:1 of group conferencing situation, my overall view of this work is that our focus on 'Language in Abundance', could be enhanced by connecting the learning to the purpose for each piece of writing and the intended audience.

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  1. I am interested in your conclusion Adrienne. Can you expand on " our focus on 'Language in Abundance', needs to all target the purpose for each piece of writing and the intended audience" and especially share how you will go about doing this.