Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Engagement and learning

We are learning about the conditions, diet and health and the impact this had on Anzac soldiers.
Bully beef, is salty but it was canned and therefore easy to transport for soldiers to carry in their packs. Our Jam came in a jar but theirs was possibly in the small containers or similar to those that we buy in a cafe - when purchasing a scone or toast.  The water rations were not great and so possibly the saltiness of the bully beef made the soldiers even more thirsty,plus the fact that they were living in trenches where there would have been dirt and dust. The risk too of contaminated food was mentioned in my research due to flies that would have been around those who died.
Another point about the diet was that it did not have all the necessary vitamins we need and many soliders' teeth broke due to this and the hard crackers.
Personally, I didn't mind the bully beef and jam and crackers, but if it was the only thing I had to eat then I think my opinion would change.

Soane is unsure about the look and taste of Bully Beef, cabin bread and jam.  "The taste changed as I tried each sample of the food on my plate, from the salty bully beef to the sweetness of the jam on the hard crackers". It must have been hard to eat this food day after day.
How would you like it, if your diet consisted of Bully Beef, Jam and Hard Crackers?
These are both examples of how providing a broad range of hands on learning are positive ways to increase engagement and promote language in abundance.

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