Monday, 26 March 2018

Creating and building a learning environment ...

Our inquiry for term 1 was based around Solidarity and targeted Identity.  Learning was organised around opportunities to learn create and share that included talk and discussion. Embedded in this was culture. Students explored not only the meaning of symbols and colours in the New Zealand flag but also of all the different flags of cultures across our class.  We reviewed reo and looked  at pepeha (the peheha is the way in which you introduce yourself in Māori) using not only Te Reo Māori and English but also the first languages of students, including: Tagalog, Samoan, Tongan, German and Dutch.

While the majority of the class have English as their second language, I was surprised that transferring that to the context of a pepeha was a challenge.  Fortunately, they were able to work with each other and two staff members to do this.  The extension of this was made also through looking at immediate and extended family and for Saint Patrick's our connection with the church and parish, which all form a part of who we are.

This inquiry went on to include an Anzac focus which provided increased opportunities for extending vocabulary and understanding and connection with another aspect of our past.
Feeding in (the process that begins our inquiry learning process) included a multi-modal range of reading resources including school journals and a new resource Walking with Anzac's.
For this students grouped themselves, and began exploring the latter resource.
Our guided reading programme and related discussions, had included how 'talk' promoted understanding and inclusive opportunities and had been the basis for building language in abundance (Dr. Janne Van Hees)

Poster (Hard Copies) were placed around the room as part of a Bus Stop, which is similar in nature to Carousel Cooperative learning Strategy   The posters served a stations that groups visited to work together to find information, bringing on that journey the prior knowledge, knowledge and understanding from previous lessons.
From this carousel, students chose an area to focus upon and then used the digital resource of the posters which included a range of opportunities for listening, discussing, viewing.

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