Friday, 16 February 2018

Looking back to plan my next steps

Recently a professional reading given to all staff led to my reflecting on the message that reminded me that  we implement change, the practise (whether that be pedagogical or an initiative) we measure the result of that and then often try something else, a new technique, A key message I took from the above reading was that 'Continuous improvement is a journal that takes more time and greater effort'  I have asked myself, What if  increasing levels of talk across learning by students themselves was continued?

Time is always a challenge - perhaps increased time of the same practise that did bring about change that increased student confidence, levels of participation and growth in understanding across all learning areas born from student interactions with each other, justifies continuation of those practices. 

This year I will continue with the same challenge I focused on last year:
Challenge #4. Increase the achievement of Years 1-10 learners, with a focus on Years 7-10, in reading, writing and maths, as measured against National Standards and agreed targets.   

My target students, all year 8 numbering two boys and three girls were students outside of the targets of 2017. I began working with them also last year and I believe that focusing on them again needs to continue.

All students in this group have a history of literacy and numeracy support across their primary school years. Their participation is often single word responses or short phrases.  There is a definite reluctance to elaborate.  Observations and interactions indicate behaviour that is often linked to that of reluctant readers but also links with language.

Language - limited understanding and knowledge of vocabulary learners meet, can also impact on motivation, engagement and interest.  The promotion of 'talk' links directly to the development and use of pedagogical practises within a learning environment that is:  'dripping in language,where noticing and relevant use of words allow for deeper, wider, more specific and precise, context appropriate language expression…leading to knowing at deeper and broader levels. (Jannie Van Hees)

What will this look like? I consider this now with the knowledge and understanding that in my role as COL, I take this back to my school.

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