Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Manaiakalani CoL Inquiry Panel

My Inquiry Journey .. Empowering students through talk to promote dialogic discussions and accelerated learning through the use multi-modal resources.
What happened for the learners; (Initial Target group)
  • Increased confidence, levels of engagement and participation
  • Varied levels of accelerated learning with others with the exception of 1 making and maintaining progress equating with expectations re time.
  • influenced motivation and depth of learning  transference of this to math problem solving and vocabulary development and use of.

What evidence to I have of that?
      Tui Talk Dialogic Discussion Emerging                                                                

                                                                                   Levels of 'talk were reduced when working on 
collaborative docs and in group book .
Evidence: Data collation to date:
End of Term 1
End of Term 2
End of Term 3
Progress Over 8 months
Student 1
no change;    
5 months
1 year
2 yrs
Student 2
6 months;    
no change;
6 months  
1 yr
Student 3
6 months
I year
6 months
2 years
Student 4
No change
6 months
1 year
1.5 years
Student 5
  • 5
6 months
No change
6 months
Student 6
starting data
Drop 1 year
6 months
6 months
Student 7
6 months
No change
6 months
1 year

Evidence - Transferring dialogue across to inquiry &
Student Evaluation

What did I do to make this happen?
  • Examined and critique my own practices
  • Focused Learning Intentions  - Talk as thinking on the outside!
  • .Co-construction of success criteria
  • Provision of prompt card questions or statements.  
  • Reduction of teacher involvement in guided reading.  **
  • Two to three readings of same text and resources that linked to each resource which included a multi-modal approach which promoted making connections across text and well as within text.
  • Constant feedback and feed forward.
  • Reading integration transferring knowledge, applying and extending learning

Wonderings about Where to next:  Focus on talk to continue; Cross curriculum integration;
Students: Self and Peer evaluation;
Teacher: Include strong oral language focus across all learning areas for 2018.
Who is doing the talking in your class?

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  1. I hear you! Loved your presentation this evening. It made me reflect upon my own practice. 'Who is doing the talking?' your video's are powerful and great learning resource for teachers. Well done.