Thursday, 7 September 2017

Feedback to Ponder

Student feedback - I often invite students to give feedback about learning, just as I am sure that all teachers do.  It's interesting to see and hear how students feel about their learning.   At one recent reading session  - with my target group, they were beginning a new text and I decided to sit in with them after they have read the text independently.
I asked a couple of questions about the text to gauge their understanding and expected a floury of responses. The response I got however was very brief and from one student.  Another then said that she thought that they needed to re read the provided text again to support their ability to share and talk about the text.   I left the group area and went to see another group and looked back a few minutes later to see them interacting and sharing their ideas.

My 'check in' with them seemed untimely!

In saying 'check in' - one of the students from my target group, approached me after their reading session as the students were leaving the class and said," We didn't talk very much today Miss, it was because you were there, we talk more when you are not there!'

This was very interesting feedback.

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