Tuesday, 8 August 2017


First day of new inquiry today.  Have been working on finding reading resources to support students in the immersion stage of their inquiry, but decided that I would begin with  posing the question, 'Who are the Poor?" 

I used a shared padlet  - and reminded students that I wanted their ideas so no research! 

Common key ideas about who the poor were included: People -  without Food, Water, and Shelter. 

I designated 4 groups of 6 students  (two absent students would choose their group when they returned). 

They were given 4 countries and their discussions showed they had limited knowledge of these.
Questions...  around the room ... Where is ....    How many people live their?   What is the weather like?   Google Maps!  (Not sure how many times I heard that!)

Key words emerged:  Location, Population, Climate;  And it was action stations!
Roles / area were sorted collaboratively for students and they were on fire.  Sharing ideas they found, asking questions, suggesting ideas, explaining their ideas and then, thinking about how their ideas could be presented.

I stood back and watched... another teacher entered the room and she too was drawn in by the image of students " Learning to Learn'. 

Gosh I felt proud.

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  1. All the students were extremely engaged when I entered the room and keen to share their ideas with others. The teacher directed key question engaged the students and because Adrienne discouraged the help of Mr Google, students were keen to share their ideas about the topic. Also, having a shared Padlet for students to share their prior knowledge allows students to add and contribute to the ideas of others. Looking forward to reading more of your Inquiry. Thank you!