Friday, 1 September 2017

CoL Visit

Today I was pleased to welcome Robyn Anderson the in-school COL teacher from Panmure Bridge School to Room 8. There is a very close connections between Robyn's inquiry and my own and consequently I was looking forward to 'real-time', feedback from her about her observations and interactions with my students.

I initially thought that having another teacher observing them might result in a reduction of dialogic discussion but this was not the case. Students moved into their multi-leveled reading groups and as you might expect, following a brief discussion began their reading task for that session.

As I use a multimodal approach i.e using varied forms of reading sources - video, sound tracks, hard materials and internet based articles linking to our class inquiry, students have , across the past few weeks, been constructing knowledge and understanding about the context of our current inquiry.

This latter aspect, is I believe a key factor to promote talk and make connections. Sometimes this 'connecting' needs a little shake up from the teacher (me) and is done through short prompts that are recorded on laminated coloured trips. These are placed at tables for when I check in with students. 

Students confidently interacted with Robyn as she touched base with each group. 
It certainly was a bonus to have her visit, to not only have another set of eyes observing talking and learning, and to receive positive feedback that also pushed me to look at my next steps.

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