Saturday, 17 June 2017

COL collaboration

Today as we gathered, I must admit that I was a little concerned about the possible feedback and interest my blog would initiate from my peers.  I guess it's a time when we are reminded as teachers what it is like for our students when we asked them to share their work.

Gathering as CoL leaders within and across schools ... It's a wonderful opportunity to see and hear what others are targeting with their inquiry and the journey they have taken so far. While we have that opportunity to visit each other's inquiries I recognize that it is a challenging task to add to our very busy and full roles as teachers and senior teachers.

I was also struck by the similarities that could be drawn across each of the inquiries irrespective of class levels and target areas ie. maths and literacy.  To my colleagues, thank you for sharing, you provided clarity and drive.

So great to have such a wonderful team that organises and prepares these learning opportunties.

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