Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Planning for action!

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My action plan
  • Assessment / Conference / Feedback / Feedforward

  • Model
  • Observation opportunities of peers using higher order skills
  • Questioning - looking at types of questions - Who’s talking?
  • Select a range of resources ... What does research say?
  • Using Multimodal texts -
  • Scaffolding reading skills i.e. connecting information across and within texts
  • Reciprocal
  • Discussion - sharing and responding, justifying, reflecting and evaluating
 I included a discussion doc for student use re their sharing and responding to the ideas of others and found this without my involvement was a challenge for the target students.  I reverted to using a modeling book.  This again on reflection me doing the work and students feeding to me.  I need to readdress this.  To some degree, it’s a wake-up call for me to remember new class new year.

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