Friday, 14 April 2017

Getting Started

After Considering
  1. My School’s targets
  2. Woolf Fisher Feedback from 2016
  3. Manaiakalani CoL Achievement Challenges
My Inquiry this year as a CoL teacher is to improve behaviour and cognitive attitudes in literacy, specifically focused on boys while also targeting girls with similar needs.  
This will involve using multiple opportunities that promote student talk and dialogic discussion.
What additional changes to teaching and learning will lead to positive change that enhances the progress of intermediate students in reading - that will increase student agency and active talk to promote critical thinking.

Research into the development of higher order thinking and development of critical literacy emphasise the importance of talk together with the use of multiple opportunities to promote levels of engagement and acceleration for students. (Aaron WIlson)
  • Gathering Data: Data (T4 2016 - T1 2017 PAT)
  • Feedback - Feedforward: using test data
  • Goal Setting - students

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  1. Adrienne, have you noticed that student talk has generalized over to other curriculum areas, e.g. to your class Inquiry?