Friday, 23 February 2018

Language in Abundance - Part 2

Doctor Jannie Van Hees

Language in Abundance: 

  • Noticing and Triggering the known to connect to the new learning.
  • Emphasis on making connections promoting language use and further growth.
  • Multiple encounters with the text / resource ( links with rewindable learning)
  • Collaborative learning opportunities.

This presentation directly linked with the Learn Create Share process- (interconnection)
Emphasis also on the resources, multi modal, that allow learners to be inclusive as they make connections with what they know and build upon this.

Doctor Rebecca Jesson (WFRC)
Manaiakalani Inquiries
Important facts and support for COL and colleagues new to professional blogging practices.
Starting Point:

  • Gather evidence - learners what they know; needs, strengths,learning environment, teacher instruction e.g.  what's happening to students learning processes, motivation
  • Reflect: quality of assessment procedures; range of resources etc for evidence - validity, depth of understanding...

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