Friday, 20 October 2017

October 19 COL Meeting

CoL Meeting No. 7

In groups, we shared our key focus for our inquiry and briefly shared these.
=Term 4:
Our last Col meeting for this year, will see each of us reporting / sharing our inquiry concisely targeting
The focus for our inquiries
What actions (teaching and learning was done differently?
Where to next?
Cause and effect results PMI?

Why are some students holding but not moving on in assessments when formative observations indicate clear growth.

Why have two boys drooped 1 year from term 2 assessment to the end of  term 3.

What am I going to do?

Discussion during the CoL meeting, included that sometimes teachers identify student achievement as linked directly to what they have done.  and yet if students fall back or make limited or no progress, it is something that the students themselves have done or not done as may be the case.

This got me to thinking and reflecting back on what I had done   that resulted in the growth in compreshension and what I now see as higher levels of engagement,

I scrolled back through my class site and critiqued the teaching and learning firstly in reading.

  • Mixed ability groups
  • Varied reading resources  multi modal
  • Home reading Monday to Thursday
  • Reading to and with and by students
  • Inquiry linked
  • Learning intentions - introduced student involvement and self evaluation of learning intentions
Retest the two students who dropped back and those that showed no movement.
Readdress learning intention;
Collaborate with students -  This is what your last assessment task showed... your last assessment place  students evaluate and set new goals  -
I will ask can you do this?  What will this involve?  How can I help you with this?

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