Saturday, 7 October 2017

Mahi tahi me nga hoa i taku kura - Working with colleagues at my school.

Feedback and feed forward

Across Term 3 I have been approached by some colleagues to elaborate and extend on my teaching practices in relation to my Professional Blog.
I think that this too has been a positive overflow from having the opportunity to share an aspect of my inquiry, at weekly staff meetings.

Interest has unfortunately only resulted in one teacher visiting my class to observe students at work.

However my feedback has had positive influence  as teachers have identified that they also need to get students to talk more about their learning. 
Just recently one teacher was sharing her journey in her professional inquiry targeting increasing student ability to solve mathematical problems.  After listening  - I asked the question; 

  • Did they understand what the questions were asking them?  
The discussion that followed was valuable: She shared her evidence and while some knowledge may need revisiting, the fact remained that reading was the root of the issue.  
Teaching the analysis - the application of  this higher skill to read and solve word problems is essential. 
Modelling this as a teaching and learning practice, would support students in developing and implementing the skills themselves.  

I have also expressed how having my inquiry as a professional part of my teaching practice has been not only something I have enjoyed but also it has provided greater clarity and focus for targeting teaching and learning. 

In relation to this, I have put forward the idea that next year all teachers should separate their inquiry from appraisal documentation and create a professional blog as part of that inquiry.
I have also learnt that in some schools, teachers meet on a set day at a set time to reflect and  record on their blogs.    Teacher response to  doing this was also very positive.  

As a result 2018 will involve teachers creating and using individual blogs for  professional inquiry. 

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