Thursday, 28 September 2017

AP DP Conference

Student agency

Term three is the annual data for the AP / DP conference which I am fortunate to have the opportunity to attend.  Several workshops are offered across the two day conference to hear and see (thanks to the progress in the digital world)  inspiring presenters who are or have been teachers in classrooms  - just like us.
Like other COL teachers, I have realised the direct connection across out inquiries.
Inquiries target  mathematics - talk is a key factor.
Reading  - talk is a key factor
Writing is inevitably linked with reading so again talk is a factor that supports and promotes success
Agency - empowering students  again talk is a key factor.

Based on the above one workshop I signed up for was Student Agency the presenter: 
Bek Galloway.

Agency is directly linked with the empowerment of students.   It provides students with  voice and choice so that they can move from being passive recipients to actively drive their learning journey now and in the future.  

This was totally amazing, the clarity and ability to make connections with my own pedagogical practices.  For me this validated the importance of 'Talk'.  When students are active and sharing and discussing their ideas  - thinking, collaboratively constructing and deepening understanding, making decisions and choices about that learning (inquiring). 

'True agency needs a lot more rigor and guidance than a simple "hands-off" approach ti requires classrooms where there is negotiation, facilitation and collaboration between students and teachers to be able to initiate, plan,process and evaluate learning.'

Promotes thinking  and discussion.  

Great resources are available from Bek Galloway  

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