Friday, 25 August 2017

Learn - Noticing

An interesting moment..

Seeing changes and increased dialogue occurring and strengthening with the target group, I have also been transferring these strategies across all groups, I have also noted that follow up work that continues after guided reading (without my presence) is showing increased levels of collaborative work and dialogue. Today I was working with a group (not my target) who are currently reading an article about Zoo's.
After exploring the Auckland Zoo Official Site student knowledge of animals living in in the zoo was increased and led to the task today where students were asked to name 5 mammals they would find at a zoo.  The animals were not allowed to be repeated so we ended up with quite a variety.

Each student then independently went on to represent their work in a DLO to share, while also looking at being cybersmart when selected images for reuse.
 This group (mostly boys) were highly motivated to extend their reading through searching for animals which promoted me to prompt their thinking by asking, 'I wonder where the zoo gets its animals from?' Another group currently reading an article 'The Deer Debate", After guided reading, went on to complete the table below, and I noticed the interactions that occurred before, during and after their shared doc was being used. An additional resource set up for them was from DOC. Resource choose is (I believe) a key motivation that drives engagement.

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