Wednesday, 30 August 2017

CoL presentations

Friday the 25th was the date of the 6th Manaiakalani Hui. In the afternoon ,the CoL teachers set up their  'science fair' type display boards highlighting key aspects of our journeys.
Preparation for this provided me with increased opportunity to reflect on specific aspects including:

  •  research I had tapped into
  • hunches I had formed from formative obervations
  • further analysis of initial data and tracking of progress
  • teaching and learning responses
  • evidence across that learning including student voice
Presentation, enhanced by the organisation and preparation of the display areas including banners representative of  each of the six achievement challenges,  (a special thanks to Karen and our team from Manaiakalani) set the interactive event that followed as teachers, principals, education facilitators, board representatives, and  people from Woolf Fisher visited the displays and interacted with the  CoL teachers who elaborated on the key areas of their inquiry.

This was a great opportunity to share our journeys with a wider audience. It was great to be questioned and  make connections with others as we continue to Learn Create and Share.

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